What is the interviewer looking for when interviewing in Japan?

What is the interviewer looking for when interviewing in Japan?



Why you?

Actually, they are looking for these things:

Willingness to join the company

The interviewer will ask why you want to join the company and how much you know about it.

For international students, it’s best to be prepared with a detailed answer that expresses your interest and understanding of the company.

The interviewer wants to know if the candidate genuinely wants to join the company and is willing to work there long-term.

Personal abilities

During the written test and interview process, the interviewer will focus on your personal abilities.

This includes your professional knowledge and skills, communication abilities, work attitude, and teamwork skills, among others.

It’s best to prepare relevant examples beforehand that clearly demonstrate your abilities.

For example, when asked about your self-presentation or strengths, you should showcase the advantages that would allow you to contribute effectively within the company.

Japanese language proficiency

In the Japanese work environment, proficiency in the Japanese language is essential.

Interviewers usually assess the Japanese language abilities of international students to ensure they can adapt to the work environment and effectively communicate with colleagues and clients.

For foreign students, improving Japanese language skills is crucial.

Cultural adaptability

The work culture in Japan differs from that of other countries, and interviewers consider the cultural adaptability of international students to ensure they can fit into the company’s work environment and cultural atmosphere.

Candidates can actively adapt to and integrate into the company’s culture by understanding Japanese culture and work environment.

Personality traits and values

In Japan, during job interviews, interviewers usually value students’ personality traits and values. These factors are considered important indicators of whether a person is suitable for the company culture and are also key factors in the decision to hire someone.

Students need to demonstrate their strengths and values in interviews and resumes, while also understanding the company’s culture and values in order to better adapt to the company’s culture and work environment.




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