How to Respond When Asked ‘Will You Join Us If Offered the Job? in Japan

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to handle the unexpected question, “Will you join us if offered the job?” during an interview.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to respond effectively when faced with this question. Moreover, learning the key points in advance will help you avoid providing answers that could potentially hurt your chances in the interview.

The Intent Behind Asking “Will You Join Us if Offered the Job?”

Intent 1: To Confirm Enthusiasm and Interest in Joining

One of the primary reasons for asking “Will you join us if offered the job?” is to ascertain the candidate’s enthusiasm and interest in joining the company.

For companies, extending a job offer isn’t the ultimate goal; the goal is to hire candidates who will actually join the organization.

As a result, companies inquire whether candidates would genuinely commit to joining after receiving an offer.

Intent 2: To Assess Long-Term Commitment

Another purpose behind asking “Will you join us if offered the job?” is to evaluate the candidate’s potential for long-term commitment.

Interviewers seek to understand if students are interested in being a part of the company for the long haul, building a lasting career post-employment.

This consideration stems from the fact that early departures can be detrimental to companies as well.

To mitigate the risks associated with early turnover, companies assess whether students have the potential to contribute over the long term before making hiring decisions.

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The Fundamental Approach to Answering the Question “Will You Join Us if Offered the Job?”

When asked the question “Will you join us if offered the job?” during an interview, the basic response is to say, “Yes, if I receive a job offer, I will join your company.”

It’s essential to provide a clear and affirmative response in order to showcase your enthusiasm and interest in the position. Indecision or answering with a “NO” might lead the interviewer to perceive a lack of commitment to the company, potentially affecting your chances of success.

To effectively convey your eagerness and desire to join the company, it is generally recommended to respond with a straightforward “Yes, I will join.” It’s important to note that in Japan, even after accepting a job offer, it’s perfectly acceptable to decline it if circumstances change.

Therefore, even if the company is not your top choice, for the purpose of succeeding in the interview, it’s advisable to express your intention to join.

To keep your options open and facilitate the process of selecting from multiple job offers, it is recommended to start by responding with a positive “Yes, I will join” during the interview.

Scenario for First Choice Company: Example Response


When asked by your top-choice company, ‘Will you join us if offered the job?’, it’s essential to effectively convey your enthusiasm and desire to join. To achieve this, provide specific reasons for wanting to join the company, highlighting your motivation to join their team.

Avoiding Undesirable Responses in an Interview

To secure a job offer, it’s crucial to steer clear of answers that could lead to deductions. When asked, ‘Will you join us if offered the job?’ during an interview, it’s important to avoid certain responses.

When faced with the question, refrain from giving an answer like, ‘I can’t definitively commit to joining at this moment.’

This is because providing vague responses during the interview can lead to the impression that your level of interest is low, potentially resulting in an unfavorable outcome.

Therefore, be cautious of responses such as, ‘I can’t answer that right now,’ or ‘I can’t definitively commit to joining,’ during the interview.

In conclusion

when asked, “Will you join us if offered the job?” during an interview, it’s generally advisable to respond with a simple “yes.” Thank you for reading through to the end.

Throughout this article, we’ve discussed how to handle the question of whether you would join if offered the job.

Providing a straightforward “yes, I will join” is generally a safe approach.

To successfully navigate the interview, it’s important to convey your enthusiasm and eagerness to join the company.

Therefore, even if it’s not your top choice, it’s recommended to clearly state “yes, I will join” in order to enhance your chances of receiving a job offer.




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